Web Design

Building a web presence can require significant effort in planning, development, and implementation. What is required is completely determined by what your end goals are.

A simple web presence, often used by companies venturing onto the internet for the first time or firms that only require basic information, generally includes a section about the company, contact info, and a few pages about the products and services offered.

All web sites are based upon the simple web presence - not the organization or content, but the idea that a simple presence is made up of the three critical services for a web site: who is this; what are they offering; and how do I contact them. Depending upon the comlexity of your business - life cycles, identity issues, marketing strategies, and other factors - there are hosts of expanded and additional services that may be required.

Some companies require heavy, custom graphics to utilize a rich visual environment remaining constant with their present marketing strategies and corporate identity. Chat rooms and messenging systems can allow your site to put its users in contact with other users. Databases can serve huge amounts of data - from product information to corporate phone directories - and can store information gathered through forms and surveys. Bulletin boards can allow users to publish their views and share their expertise with others on your site, while digital newsletters and subscribers lists can help you keep your customers informed.

Where your presence goes and how extensive its resources are is only of matter of determining your needs and the needs of your customers.


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